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Barneys Warehouse Sale Round 1

September 6, 2011

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to shop. Boutique, mall, discount store, outlet, if there was cute stuff to be had, she would find hunt it down. And even more than shopping this girl loved a bargain. She took great pride — not just in her ability to find cute stuff, but in her ability to find cute stuff at an amazing price.

Having honed her shopping technique at Boston’s legendary Filene’s Basement flagship, our heroine was ready for the big leagues. So one sunny August afternoon, lured by the promise that, “Everyone could be fabulous,” she headed to Chelsea for her first Barney’s warehouse sale.

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Welcome Summer

June 6, 2011

Though it’s not officially summer, for once the calendar and the weather have aligned, which means I’m craving my favorite summer essential — the dress. The easiest and chicest way to get out the house when the weather heats up.

Bebe “Trinity” Dress $39.99
Rachel Rachel Roy “One-Shoulder Priya Dress” $119
Plenty by Tracy Reese Striped Jersey Dress $228 available at Lord & Taylor
J.Crew “Golden raindrop” Dress $750
Jeffrey Monteiro “Starry Silk Charmeuse” Dress $475 available at Saks

All on the Line

June 1, 2011

Given the well documented excesses of the fashion industry it’s not surprising that it has become a favorite backdrop for reality television. Shows like Project Runway and The Fashion Show document the “talent” (we’re using that word loosely) needed to break into the industry, while The Rachel Zoe Project would have viewers believe that life’s just one long Chanel sponsored cocktail party. But for the most part, no show has really addressed what happens in between, when you’re no longer an upstart, but not yet on par with Lagerfeld, and struggling with the much less seductive task of building a successful fashion brand.

Which is why I’m obsessed with Sundance’s All on the Line, and spent the long weekend catching up on the entire  first season. Each week Joe Zee tries to resurrect the career of a struggling designer. Granted, I’m a huge fashion and business nerd and absolutely enamored with Joe Zee — but personal biases aside it really is a great how-to for anyone looking to become a successful designer, and in classic reality tv style, there’s some good, some bad, and some things that are strictly for the cameras.

You can watch all the episodes here, and the show has just been picked up for a second season. My fashion business dork is giddy with anticipation.

Julia Alarcon

The Good: Though I’m typically not a fan of excessive waterworks, it is nice to see Julia’s passion…even if she did cry a lot.
The Bad: Julia is delusional about her market. Yes, some women have no problem dropping $1,100 on a dress, but these women are typically buying from established brands like Chanel and Gucci, not scrappy upstarts.
Strictly for the Cameras: The whole re-naming bit was kind of ridiculous, and ultimately anti-climatic. I actually thought Zee’s initial reaction was sarcasm, and had to re-watch the clip several times before I realized he was being sincere. Overall it seemed like a last-minute effort to stretch out the footage.
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The People of Walmart

May 23, 2011

The People of Walmart now in music video format

(via racked)

Unbeweavealbe News

May 18, 2011

hair extension thefts are on the rise… beyonce better watch out, before someone tries to jack her for her weave

Who’s Golden?

January 17, 2011

Although I didn’t actual watch the Golden Globes that doesn’t stop me from armchair quarterbacking all the fashions the next day.

Overall I wasn’t that impressed. Everyone looked good (which is to be expected if you’ve got a stylist, personal trainer, assistant, hairdresser, etc.) but few actually wowed me. Though there were some exceptions namely…

Sofia Vergara

Sandra Bullock

Though this dress got mixed reviews, I loved it.

Tilda Swinton

Halle Berry

Mila Kunis

January Jones