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Limelight Rewires Itself in the Name of Progress

May 10, 2010

It was with much trepidation that I battled a fearfully scorching May afternoon, fighting off throngs of onlookers to see the re-opening of the Limelight.  No it wasn’t being promoted under a new name like when they re-launched as Estate.  No, Richie Rich wouldn’t be passing me a pill this time around.  I was not in store for a debaucherous soiree, where most likely I would lose my purse…again.  I was there to embrace, with reservation, the new Limelight as a mall.

There was quite a scene outside as people waited long past the official opening time.  They even started accosting security to get the show on the road.  Unfortunately, none of them were wearing vinyl or electric tape.  I sighed to hear people actually excited for this new incarnation.  Who knew in this recession people were excited for another space to spend their money.  When times get tough for me I just look for a cheap place to party.  But upon entrance into these very familiar halls I was awe struck, not by brilliant displays and chandeliers, but by memories of the Annex, where Michael T took off my shirt to check out the goods, or the upstairs VIP room, where I worked the door many moons ago.  Every insane, enticing, hysterical moment I ever had in this church came back as vivid as a pure hit of acid.  I felt melancholy as I tried to recreate more memories, but was awoken from my nostalgia by the shoves of the crowd, which to my surprise was older than I expected.  I allowed their ebb and flow to lead me along, straight to the dessert section.  Go figure.

I found my bearings and shimmied my way into the retail section of the “marketplace”, gave myself a pep talk and began to get my shop on.  It’s funny, as a club, Limelight seemed so big to me, even though I knew the place inside and out.  As a mall it seemed much smaller, and therefore limited in how much retail space they actually offered.  But there were some fun finds.

I will send everyone I know to Lulu’s for that urban, sexy vibe.  I was in love with the luxury pajamas for men and women at Olatz, but for those prices I’d rather pick up custom fitted dress shirts at Alexander West.  Jon Wye had funky, rocker options, offering guys accessories like wrist bands and belts that could also be customized.  Tina Tang served very femme vintage jewelry which can always be added to any look.  But aside from these picks, I kind of just walked passed the rest.  I think tourists would really enjoy being in the infamous Limelight, and from what I overheard, locals who can afford to spend the day eating chocolates really consider this a contribution to the community.  But as one former club kid I bumped into put it, “give me back the New York of coffee and cigarettes.”

** Also make sure to check out our Facebook page to see more photos and comments from opening day!

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  1. Pee wee Herman permalink
    May 11, 2010 12:16 pm

    I bet that club kid was a real looker!

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