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It’s the most…

December 12, 2010

exhaustingstressfulexpensive (insert your own adjective here)  time of the year.

With a little help from the spirits, your ever faithful musers are on a quest to find the perfect holiday gifts. But this isn’t your typical search. Forget your mom (seriously you should already have her gift by now). We’re searching for presents for all the people you can’t live without, even if you tried — like that annoying co-worker.

What we got:

Annoying Co-Worker:
“Dog Gone It” Resuable Tote from Macy’s

Gay Husband
Fossil Jackson Shave Kit

Psychic Friend
Key Per Triple Pouch Set


MfM TV Episode 5: Mixing the Mall with Vintage

August 1, 2010

Who knew that fashion and fitness would blend together so seamlessly! In this episode, we’re mixing the mall with vintage, and joined by some very special guests, Kathy Alcoba and Adam Shuty of Atomic Total Fitness.

The episode was filmed at Another Man’s Treasure which is pretty much The.Most.Amazing.Vintage.Store.Ever! All of the vintage items in the episode are from Another Man’s Treasure, and if you are in the tri-state area it is definitely worth the trip. A huge thanks to Meika and Warren of Another Man’s Treasure for letting us film there.

Also we’d like to also extend a huge thanks to makeup artist extraordinaire Julia Dalton Brush of Brush Beauty for making us camera ready. We could not have done this without her, and she was a joy to work with.

Enough chit chat…on to the video!

Kathy’s Look
Forever 21 Lace Bodysuit
Vintage Betsy Johnson Skirt and shoes from Another Man’s Treasure. For a similar look try these and these.
Forever 21 ring

Adam’s Look
Vintage shirt from Another Man’s Treasure for a similar try here, here, or here
Armani Exchange Pants
Alfani “Miller” Suede Drivers

Making the Episode

July 26, 2010

What happens when you combine fashion, vintage shopping, and fitness? Well the full episode is not quite ready for prime time, but we do have lots of fun footage from behind the scenes.

This episode was a first for us, in that we had a professional make-up artist on set.  (Set being a term we’re using loosely as it’s really a spare room in my apartment.)  What can I say, Julia Dalton-Brush of Brush Beauty was amazing! Not only did she do a phenomenal job with the make-up, she put up will all our shenanigans, as you’ll soon see.

Julia’s going to tell us a little about the looks…

Fitness for all…

Goldfinger (What happens when Izzy and Charlly leave the room)

What if Terry Richardson took over… You should probably put on some headphones if you’re at work.

Makeup magic…

The finished product..

He Said/She Said…Summer Footwear

July 14, 2010

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! There’s not much more we can say. So join your MfM TV hosts as we run amok in the shoe department!

Perfect Pick Me Up: The Tee…Upgraded

July 2, 2010

When I’m on, I’m really on.  When I’m off, I’m really off.  Basically if I don’t have anywhere to go, I’m not getting dressed.  As a result, my weekend “look”  has devolved into some combination of leggings and a ratty gym shirt.  Fine for going to the gym and back — but I always end up of having to run a ton of errands Saturday and Sunday, and at this point it’s pretty embarrassing to say that I’m into fashion and run around looking like a scrub.

Which is why the appropriately named “Classy” Tee by Hope available at Otte NYC is this week’s perfect pick me up.

The generous cut means it destined for heavy rotation. And the voile hem, adds just enough sophistication to trick others into thinking I really do care about my appearance, even if on most weekends, I really can’t be bothered.

Hope “Classy” Tee $59 at Otte NYC
True Religion “Allie” Cuffed Shorts $105 at Shopbop
Ecote Macrame Wrap Sandal $38 available at Urban Outfitters
Forever 21 Necklace $6.80


June 29, 2010

These are either genius or a complete waste of money.

Right now I’m leaning towards genius.  Now I already own hard-core, monsoon ready rainboots, which are perfect  for torrential downpours. 

I also used to own a really great pair of purple Marc Jacobs rain boots, that were perfect for late spring and early fall, when my other boots are too heavy. But they recently died, which is to be expected when you only pay $7 for shoes.

So now I’m lusting after these because:
1. They’re so stylish and chic. The equestrian detailing is killing me, plus I wouldn’t have to bother with carrying a change of shoes if I wore these, because they will pretty much go with anything.
2. It’s Givenchy for only $250

But at the same time:
1. $250 is a lot of money for some rain boots.
2. Buying them means I fell victim to some clever merchandising. The price is low enough to signal a deal (Givenchy shoes average around $600), but expensive enough to feel like a splurge.

Decisions, decisions… Though I have a feeling these may end up in my closet come fall.

Dress Code

June 23, 2010

At some point the magic promise of summer wears off, and you’re stuck facing the harsh reality of the season — it’s stupid hot outside, and even the slightest exertion leaves you drenched in sweat. Since Twain’s words still ring true, and  “naked people have little to no influence on society,” you have no option but to get dressed.

And at this time of year the best way to get dressed is with a dress.

Some options for work…

Mossimo Dress $24.99 at Target
Madewell Petal-Shoulder Dress
Diane von Furstenberg “Cortiza” Dress $545 at Shopbop
DKNY Bag $295
Botkier “Brice” Sandal $325

Some options for play…

Plaid Halter Dress $25.99 at Old Navy
Lush Applique Tank Dress $38 at Nordstrom
Thakoon Addition Racerback Dress $381.50 at Kirna Zabete
Kenneth Cole “Clear As Day” Sandal $98
Forever 21 Striped Canvas Bag $24.80

Some options for night…

Reformed Open-Back Dress $68 at Urban Outfitters
Sea Dress $340.80 at Milk Boutique
Reiss Dress $222.50
Coach “Fantasia” Heel $188
Abas Full Frame Clutch $178