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Winter Warm Up #3

February 7, 2010

Prints scare me. I know that sounds ridiculous. It looks ridiculous written out like that, but it’s true. With the exception of a few striped shirts, my wardrobe is comprised almost entirely of solids.

However in the spirit of breaking out a rut, I’m committed to wearing more prints. Starting with this tie-dye  pencil skirt from American Apparel, which is Winter Warm Up Pick #3.

Granted this is not too much of a stretch for me, as the tie dye patterns strongly  resembles a stripe (the one  print  I adore).  However it is a step in the right direction, a set of training wheels if you will, until I’m ready to conquer the world in this

$995 Pucci

More options and outfit ideas after the jump

Long Term Investment…

$795 Blumarine

Momentary Infatuation…

$82 Oak; This is a great option if color isn't your "thing."

Campise Necklace
Loeffler Randall “Matilde” Boot
American Apparel Tie Dye Skirt
Inhabit Sweater

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