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Carrie Bradshaw’s Closet — as Imagined by Decades Two

May 22, 2010

I am pretty ambivalent about Sex and the City 2. While I really enjoyed the show (“I Heart NY” was my favorite episode), I felt it ended on the right note, and didn’t really see the need for the first movie. However I was pleasantly surprised when I finally got around to seeing it, on DVD six months  after the theatrical release.

I feel similarly about SATC 2. On the one hand, there seems like there’s little left for the characters to do. Where else can you go with the story now that Big and Carrie are married?  Babies in Blahniks – I don’t think think so.  But at the same time, it’s nice to have a summer movie option that’s not a romantic comedy (to me   SATC is more about the power of female friendships), or basically an experiment to see many gun fights, car chases, and explosions you can cram into  90 minutes.

I am not ambivalent about the clothes, and was extremely excited to go to Decades Two’s SATC shopping event. Decades Two is a heavy hitter in the world of high-end consignment, and a favorite of super stylist Rachel Zoe. Basically the Decades Two staff rented out a swanky apartment in Chelsea, and stocked it full of clothes inspired by  Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda, and of course Carrie. While each of the characters had a rack of clothes, Carrie had a room and two walk in closets, bursting with designer goodies from Christian Louboutin, Chanel, and Chloe just to drop a few names. There was even a vintage piece from Thierry Mugler which was all kinds of amazing. It’s clear that in the Decades Two version of the story, Carrie picks labels over love.

My favorite goodies were from Samantha’s closet, including this gem

which was new with tags, and significantly marked down.

Obviously the SATC lifestyle doesn’t come cheap, but Decades Two offered up an amazing dose of fabulousness, especially if you’re a collector. Over all it was  a really great idea, that was cleverly executed, and actually made me psyched to see what’s in store for the girls this time around.

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