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Trading Up

April 4, 2010

To a certain extent, I guess I’m a trendy dresser. While I don’t necessarily think of myself that way, and won’t be wearing clogs this season, I do like the idea of trying out something new.

Of late I’ve been obsessed with the whole athleticism look. Mainly it’s because I’m lazy, and will find any excuse to not wear real pants (i.e. my love of jeggings), but it’s also been a long time since I’ve seen a trend that was actually new and different, and not just a rehash of a seasonal theme.  (i.e. prints are big every spring, so it’s ridiculous when magazines try to sell them as the next big thing for the season.)

I’ve already rocked sweatpants to work and have been looking to experiment even more, and actually wear a pair that look like sweats.

I love these,

but don’t love the price, especially since I’m still unsure how much wear I’ll actually get out of them. Which is why I was thrilled when I found these.

Olsenboye Pants from JCPenney

In addition to being on trend and fantastically priced ($14.99), they are  in line with the general shopping philosophy of “trading up.” In general when experimenting with new look I usually try to purchase it as cheaply as possible, and if I like it, then I’ll purchase a more expensive version. I’m not sure how long I’ll wear these for, but when they eventually become yoga pants or pj’s, I won’t feel like I totally wasted my money.

Anyway  I wore them and my co-worker told me I looked very springy. I must say I’m quite pleased with them, they’re super soft, and very comfy.

Edited to Add: So this is update 1 of 2 (2 being an actual picture of me wearing these.) There was an article in the WSJ on this trend on Monday (April 5, 2010). Lots of blogs linked to it, but I particularly  liked The Cut’s take especially the first comment. I definitely don’t feel morally superior because I’ve adopted a trend (real talk — this has been trending since the spring 2010 shows last fall), but I do think fashion, at it’s most fundamental should be fun. In life, I feel as though the opportunities for personal self-expression are decreasing every day. Fashion makes me happy because it feels like one of the last vestiges for creative self-expression, even if that self-expression is in the form of a “trend.” For $15 I get to test drive a different persona for a day, and get a little break from the general monotony of daily living.


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