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February 22, 2010

Admittedly I’m a trendwhore. If it’s new and exciting chances are I’ve taken it for a test drive in my closet. Boyfriend jeans? Check. Strong Shoulders? Check. I even own more than one pair of harem pants. Fashion should be fun, and trends are like a booster shot for a tired wardrobe.

Jeggings took a little time to warm up to. The first incarnations I saw had a trompe l’oiel vibe that was not flattering at all.

no, no, a thousand times no

These are not a good look…

But I’ve officially been converted, thanks to an unlikely post-Christmas sale find a Charlotte Russe.

It’s insane how much joy I’ve derived from one pair of pants. (Well now it’s two, as I immediately went back to purchase another pair in a darker wash.) The fact that they’re leggings makes them super comfortable. But since they’re styled to look like jeans, I can fool people into thinking I actually put some effort into my outfit. Plus the high stretch content helps them mode to the body so they will look great on a wide variety of body types.

Outfit ideas and more options after the jump.

Long Term Investment:
This was a little tricky, since in my opinion there’s no universally flattering brand of jeans. If you’re in the market for a high end jeggings option, you should probably check to see if you’re favorite brand makes a pair.  Personally I like the clean styling of J.Brand jeans.


Momentary Infatuation…


I know many people who swear by AE jeans as a great alternative to pricey designer denim.

Abercrombie “Gillian” Bustier
Antrho “Cobweb” Vest
Charlotte Russe “Jeggings”
J.Crew Sahara Suede Ankle Boots
Arden B. Stone Drop Earrings

rad by rad hourani black denim cardigan
Kenneth Cole “Sliver Belle” Pumps
Kate Spade Hoop Earrings
Charlotte Russe “Jeggings”

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