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Winter Warm Up #5

February 10, 2010

In the battle between skirts and pants, I am definitely on “Team Skirt.”  Not that I don’t wear pants, but it’s just 1,000 times easier to find a skirt that fits, than it is to find pants.  On a recent trip to Century 21 (more on that later) I tried on about 8 pairs of pants, and only 1 actually looked worked.

Skirts are my work wear staple, and have lately become part of my going out rotation as well.  (After all there are only so many iterations of jeans and a cute top that a girl can stomach before the monotony makes her sick.)   Obviously the winter complicates this equation a bit.  It’s way too cold for a bare leg (at least in the Northeast), and circumstances beyond my control have forced me to adopt commuter fashion,* which means that tights are a wardrobe must.

It's not this bad (yet). Image from

I’ve already exhausted the standard options of brown, black, gray, and burgundy.  And while Balenciaga’s Pre-Fall 2010 collection offers excellent examples of how to successfully wear primary hued tights

Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2010, Image courtesy of

I haven’t quite mastered the art of rocking them without feeling and looking like I’m in 3rd grade. Which is why I love these tights from Urban Outfitters.

Aside from the price, my favorite thing about these tights is that they’re both interesting and sophisticated. In a world where far too often interesting is synonymous with unwearable it’s nice to see an item that has a grown up sensibility and works for a variety of styles. Making these tights, my fifth Winter Warm Up pick.

Outfit Ideas and More Options After the Jump.

$68 Wolford

Momentary Infatuation…

$5 Wet Seal

Riller & Fount “Fiona” Dress
Rachel Rachel Roy “Genna” Booties
Joomi Lim Cuff

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